Improve Your Day in 3 Minutes

With Incantations of Gratitude
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
beautiful sunrise over mountains

Looking to drastically improve your day? Spend a few minutes in the morning practicing gratitude and you should see considerable improvements.

How to Practice Gratitude:

Begin with some repetitive incantations about how your heart beats. I like to start from the center of myself, my heart, because that is the center of love. Spread gratefulness up to the cells, to your brain, the fact that you have fingers, toes and can walk, speak, hear and see. Then, radiate the gratitude out into your nuclear family, the love you have for your children, your siblings, your parents, or the community you grew up in. The education you had, the business opportunities, your health – the gratitude just slowly radiates out to whatever you are thankful for. That’s it! It’s really impossible to have a bad day, to be angry or have any kind of anxiety, if you are grateful.

Give it a try for a couple of weeks and comment below if you start to notice any betterment.