PART 3: Overcoming Fear

Posted by: Pierre Gallant

When we are in a fearful moment, when we’ve been hit with something we were not expecting, how do we overcome fear? In the final episode of this 3-part series on fear, I dive into several different philosophies from Tony Robbins to Jeanne Segal and my own understanding of overcoming fear. 

When would you want to know?

Overcoming fear starts with calling out the fear and recognizing it. Working on faith and understanding what am I fearful of? What’s the worst that can happen? If I’m in the hands of God and if I’m energy then what do I have to fear? 

The fear is only real if you make it real. If you’re having fear or any other what I call negative emotions, such as anger, you’ve got a choice. Those emotions seem real to us but they’re all just chemicals. So, we can change them through motion, such as getting up and exercising.

Connect from the Heart, not the Brain

The fundamental reason that humans are on this earth, is to be happy and the way we get happy is by connecting. The only way to truly connect with other people is through the heart. What would keep us from connecting with people from the heart is when we’re too much in the brain. 

I had spent a lot of my life in my brain, trying to solve problems, being a strategist and avoiding some of the pain. All of that grief was compounding but I was stuffing it under. I had been in my head to avoid dealing with compounding levels of emotions. 

Eliminate Stress

Then there is stress. We feel like we’ve got to be in the rat race, we’ve got to make more money. There is all this stress in our lives that’s self-induced and it is the way we look at it. The events aren’t actually stressful in and of themselves, it’s purely our interpretation of it, how we’re telling ourselves a story. 

So, we feel stress or we’re sitting inside of our head. Either one of those or both will preclude or eliminate the possibility of being in the heart. The way to get out of those two things is through meditation and yoga.

One way to Overcome fear

Through yoga and meditative practices, you get present, and when we do that we can get into our heart. That exact same technique can get us out of fear. If we feel fear, we stop, we recognize it, we call it out and then we just meditate. In the meditation, we find our connection back to the divine source that’s within us and you find the faith. Faith is the antidote to fear.

Fear is the single biggest emotion that holds us back from living virtuously and therefore, one of the hardest emotions to control. In this 3-part series, I’ll take you through defining, managing and ultimately overcoming fear. Listen to part 3 above or on iTunes, PART 2: Facing Fear and PART 1: Defining Fear.