EP.23: Holding Space for Other Opinions Brings Connection

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
episode 23 connect across differences

People shouldn’t have to subscribe to my own belief system or faith to listen to my podcast. In fact, disagreement can be good, at least when we truly listen and understand the multiple perspectives and the people behind them. At the heart of it, I want people to know why they believe what they believe and to challenge their beliefs so that they can have a better understanding of how beliefs shape their whole life.

I’m just offering one point of view, which is why for this episode, I’ve invited my daughter Mary, to come on the show and challenge me on a lot of the topics I’ve spoke about. When Would You Want to Know that Pierre is full of it?

Connect Across Differences

Even more, as a parent, if you get the opportunity to have thoughtful conversations with your children, learn from your mistakes and even look back on some things and admit, “I wished I had done this differently.” It’s a chance to reshape some of our thinking, improve how we are parenting and grow.

Opportunity to Do Better

I personally have found that all of my experiences and emotions have been about lessons. What things am I supposed to master? I’m not there, I’m not wise, I’m not really connected to people in the way I really want. There’s huge opportunities to do every one of those things better. To be a more loving, compassionate person, friend, partner and father.

Defining, Facing, Overcoming Fear [1:26, 5:50]
Grieving Loved Ones [4:00]
Purpose of Pain, Pain is in Your Head [16:30, 37:24]
Validating Emotions [26:00, 33:58]
Anger [28:26, 49:24]
The Key to Happiness [41:53]