How to Meditate

The calming influence of breath
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
warm sun breaking through forest trees

Every day I start off with meditation and some incantations of gratitude and it all has to do with breath. We can go a few days without water and we can go weeks and weeks without food. But you can’t go more than a couple minutes without oxygen. Clearly, oxygen is the most important thing for life, for human life and animal life. The more I think about the nature of oxygen in our bodies and what it does to our hearts and our cells, the more I understand the interdependence of breathing to connect to our divine creator. Concentrating on my breath and oxygen has a profound calming influence on my being.

My Meditation Process and Mantra:

I start meditation with an exhale of breath saying, “God is love” and then I see my carbon dioxide going out into the world and just filling trees with what they need. I see the trees, the mountains, the waters and all kinds of creation, “God has given us all this beauty.” Then on my inhale I feel the oxygen from all the trees, “God and her love are within me” and I feel all of myself being nourished by this miracle symbiosis of carbon dioxide going into the trees, the trees providing the oxygen, the oxygen going into my 75 trillion cells through my heart and my heart beating. – I feel it all.

Then when I exhale I say, “I am love” and I see myself connecting and spreading joy to the people that I am around. As I inhale again I say, “we are love.” It’s all about us being the collective whole, we are all meant to connect to each other. I just repeat that process and the mantra over and over again until I have heard it, I believe it and I fell it, as truth.

Looking for more?

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