Finding Hope Through History

Caught in the rain? The Challenges we face in life, are not new.
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
Little boy dressed like hero looking up

How many hardships have you come across? Most people would answer with a staggering number and I think everybody, to a large degree feels like they have overcome huge obstacles. Put simply, life would be boring without them. But more importantly challenges present us with the opportunity to feel satisfaction, or joy, or fulfillment – accomplishment by solving the problem.

A lot of people solve them the wrong way but they nonetheless will solve them one way or another and they’ll feel some sense of hope. As long as people have hope, they’ll keep working toward solving a problem. It’s when they feel hopeless, or there’s no point in persevering, that they give up.

The Purpose of Challenges:

People have lost track of the purpose of the challenges they’re faced with. There’s an author, he used to be extremely popular, named Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell started doing his initial scholarly work on Native American spirituality and traditions in their religions. While doing it, he was shocked to find that Native American traditions that went back centuries before white man ever encountered them, had an extraordinary number of similarities to the Judeo-Christian beliefs he was taught and brought up with. Then it dawned on him, the myths of ancient Greece and all the mythology from Zeus, Hercules, and other incredible mythological stories, matched very closely to the heroic achievements of Jesus. He started looking at world religions and found that every major world religion, and in fact every classical book, shared common heroic archetypes.

We all face Challenging times:

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Across all cultures, across all time, across all religions and all classical works, there is a hero who goes through challenging times because we all face challenging times.

When you think about different movies, particularly the ones that have sequels, whether it’s Star Wars – George Lucas took all of the archetypes from Joseph Campbell and mapped them to specific characters. That heroic journey is a critical aspect of teaching us important lessons about how to get through life. You see it in Harry Potter, you see them in all the children’s series books like The Hunger Games. Every one of these popular movies involves archetypes that match those that were written about by Joseph Campbell. They are really cool for us to remember whether we’re in business or in life that when we’re faced with adversity in the face of challenges and obstacles, somebody else has gone through a more difficult challenging time. Somebody that had less resources, less education, less capability than we have and they persevered and got through it.

Conclusion – You can get through any hardship:

Here’s the crux of the whole thing, derived from the final stage of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, we all go through this heroic journey, to bring our story back to the village, back to our our family, to share with them what we’ve gone through so that they can believe and have faith that they can get through any storm too.