Giving Joy
The gratitude
sharing platform
Gratitude is the most important maker of happiness

GivingJoy is a very easy to use video technology that connects people by allowing them to share their gratitude or give feedback. It is a means to augment people’s understanding of giving to charity and how it all relates back to being happy. This tool is for both individuals and businesses to enhancing the lives of others, be grateful and share that gratitude.

Discover JOY
Increase the revenue and
valuation of your business
GivingJoy provides a platform which enables your business to engage, reward, thank, and delight customers and employees. We help you grow your business through these three steps:

- Segment your customers by loyalty and delight
- Convert customer delight to sales leads based on referrals
- Move more customers into the loyal and delighted segment
  • JoyGrams
    Record videos to share gratitude with the ones you love and your community
  • JoyGifts
    Celebrate any occasion with
    charitable gift cards
  • Gratitude Garden
    Create a garden of gratitude with the messages you receive
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