PART 2: Facing Fear

Posted by: Pierre Gallant
fear part 2

We may believe that fear is protecting us but when would you want to know, by not facing our fears we are not being our authentic selves? It is through facing our fears that we learn who we truly are at our core.  In Part 2 of this 3-part series on fear, I walk through the process of managing fear and becoming our most authentic selves.

Come clean

First of all come clean. Write a diary and lay out every lie, mistruth, omission..then own them. 

Make things right

Hold yourself accountable and making things right. Not for other people’s sake but for your own relationship with God. When you authentically apologize, when you are authentically vulnerable, when you’re just yourself in your most human nature, you take back the power that fear stole. We all have that power. All of us can do it.

Leave the ego at the door

I am of the belief that we can only connect with God when we are at our base level of humility. When we strip away all of our ego and our pride and our projection of who we think we should be for other people. When we let all that go, only then can we have a relationship with God. That’s truth.

trust yourself enough to find the answers within you

Connect to the Divine

A person cannot have a relationship with God in any form, in any world, on any plane, without there being a fundamental truth. So we have to get so pure in our truth if we want to have a relationship with the divine, and to be able to then connect to the divinity within other people.

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Turn Outward, with no expectations

Everybody wants to be happier but they’re looking for it in the wrong places because they’re going to their animal instincts. Real happiness and joy come from going the opposite direction.  I can’t have a really great relationship with people to form a truly joyful life unless it’s based in truth. It has to be based on vulnerability and faith that when I expose my true self and talk openly about my failings, I will be accepted. In order to start loving other people we have to put ourselves out there with nothing, no expectation in return.

Referenced: The Seven Elements of Trust by Brené Brown

We are all seeking joy and we’re all seeking connection to some higher cause, that’s what virtue is. Everybody has the answers within them and we can all find our own answer, we just have to be open to it and face our fears. Trust yourselves enough to find that answer.

Fear is the single biggest emotion that holds us back from living virtuously and therefore, one of the hardest emotions to control. In this 3-part series, I’ll take you through defining, managing and ultimately overcoming fear. Listen to part 2 above or on iTunes, and part 1 here.