EP.18: Yoga is a Lifestyle to Enlightenment

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Posted by: Pierre Gallant
episode 18 liz doyle

To be enlightened is to experience deep peace, presence and wholeness. According to the teachings of yoga, in a sense we are already enlightened and the goal of all meditation and yogic practices, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is to reveal what is already there. Today, Liz Doyle joins When Would You Want to Know to introduce the practice that can lead to a potentially happier, more fulfilling existence on earth. Your happiness, your contentment, your fulfillment comes from your true self.

The Physical Practice

Doyle [4:45]: “The Asana, the physical practice of Yoga, the exercises, it could be stretching, it could be stuff that really would, from the outside, look more like gymnastics or contortion to some people. Asana is really a very small part of the practice of yoga.”

“The Asanas, the yoga exercises, those aren’t really the focus. What we’re doing in the practice room is a breathing practice and the physical exercises are really just things we do to up the ante in terms of challenging ourselves to maintain smooth, evenly metered breathing. So for me, breathing is not just centric to the practice. It is the practice. If you aren’t breathing intentionally and with awareness, then you’re not doing yoga… In my opinion.”

The Mental Practice

Doyle [10:34]: “In wellness, I think we talk a lot about a mind-body connection, but we don’t really talk about, what is that and how does that happen? So the breathing is so critically important because it’s the way you get that mind-body connection. And when your mind and body are connected, you feel, I think more unified in a way. So there’s less either nervous energy on a physical level. There’s also less mental/emotional activity that might be a distraction. When you can concentrate on one thing, on purpose, for an extended period of time, with fewer or no distractions, then the rest of your mind is much quieter and it’s much more peaceful.”

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The Emotional Practice 

Doyle [17:46]: “There are basically three tenets, and one is that there is this sort of eternal, unchanging reality that underlies the world of change. The second tenet is that reality is at the heart of every human personality. And the third is that it is our job in this life to connect to that inner reality experientially. I would say that sort of sums up yoga in it in a nutshell, in a way.”

Enlightenment is really just a deep, basic trust in yourself and your life

“Yoga is so valuable and when I say yoga, I don’t mean just the physical exercises. I mean taking on as some people would call it, “lifestyle.” There’s this oscillation between happiness and unhappiness and the only way to get out of that is to start focusing on the inside. Get your happiness, your contentment, your fulfillment from that which is within you that never changes. Because the world of change, is never going to give you the happiness or peace of mind that you want. It has to come from the inside.”

Start your practice

Doyle [27:03]: “Yoga as a practice and a philosophy is wide and deep, and I think a good place to start is just knowing that the most important thing is not on the outside, it’s on the inside. And probably the way you’re going to get there is via your breath. So, if you can simply focus on your breathing, become aware of your breathing…then you will be able to connect with that thing inside you that is always the same even when everything around you is changing.”

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