EP.16: Our Beliefs Control Our Health

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
episode 16 with Bryce James

Bryce James was forever changed when a paragliding accident left him paralyzed. Doctors told him he would be confined to a wheelchair the rest of his life but rather than accepting that fate, he turned to alternative healing methods. Bryce joins When Would You Want To Know as living proof that we have more control over our health and life than we believe.

You did not accept that you were going to be paralyzed for the rest of your life, how did you do that?

Bryce [4:28]: I didn’t want to do that. I think at one point afterwards, I started building these constructs of how I could change things. I was big into visualization for my sports, so I could picture things happening. I could imagine my neurotransmitters, my dendrites, my whole neural network reforming, reshaping and working. Then I sat there and just researched. I started to learn about sound waves and all of these alternative ways of healing that resonated with me.

Pierre: Everything is a wave, so whether it’s light and what we see or a table that we think is solid, all energy, all things, are waves.

Sound waves and frequencies, is that what healed you the most?

Bryce [6:33]: I tried lots of different modalities and still do. But I came across this woman Donna Carey, who used tuning forks to retune the body. Every piece of my body has a difference frequency and you can actually work on those areas by finding that right frequency that matches. So, when I have a thought, awareness or an experience my electrons are shooting off these waves. And they collide or they basically entangle with other waves which create these nodes. My belief is, that they then signal my cells and receptors that pick that up and that creates that whole epigenetic shift where things start changing.

This is the concept of the placebo effect, the concept of the law of attraction, the power of manifestation. All those are the same thing. Where, I think if I believe it enough times, I’ll shoot enough waves out there to effect this change through my body.

Then you go through a series of protocols, spiritual, physical, emotional and replace that limiting belief, that belief that I’m paralyzed, that belief that I’m injured or that I’m sick. Who would I be without that thought, as Byron Katie says? I’ve seen what you would call miracles happen in that regard.

What is a chakra? How does that affect the healing process?

Bryce [11:55]: Whether it’s Hindu or Chinese, everybody believes in this idea that we have energy that flows through us, usually from the top of our head, crown chakra and down in the seven chakras. But If I have a blocked area, let’s say at my heart level, maybe I have a broken heart, it’s really hard to heal below that area because the energy’s not flowing through my body. There’s lots of ways to  clear that and open it up but you want to have the energy flowing. You want to get into a state of being receptive to healing and open to healing and not closed down to it. 

You’ve got tuning forks, chakras and light energy. What is your go to healing tool?

Bryce [12:52]: The quantum field, using this two-point technique, that’s my go to. I’ve seen crazy stuff. You can do family consolation, or you can do psychotherapy, you can do regression, you can do all these different types of modalities to try to get that limiting belief and then converting it to an empowering one.

How long did it take before you started making improvements?

Bryce [14:21]: I could walk before I could feel my legs and I was actually skiing before I could feel my legs. But the vulnerability side of it too, I still use a catheter to this day. I like to say that at times like this because I think you have to be vulnerable, you have to show it’s still not perfect, it’s still not an easy world. 

It’s easy to fall down that well of grief of, why me. This is, I think, where spirit comes in. But I find people get totally lost in the spiritual peace and don’t take care of business. I’ve got to take care of my own stuff. My mission is not just to heal others, my mission statement is to heal myself and others. I co-create a world of healing through healing myself and others through love, wisdom and spirit. 

You have to believe you can heal yourself 

As Bryce concluded, “There are so many ways of healing. What works for one may not work for another, so it’s just throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what happens, see if it sticks.”  But it’s important to remember that none of it works unless you believe it.

To reach Bryce and find out more about these topics, you can contact him at Bryce@sonx.com.