EP.15: Building a Brand That Performs in a Digital World

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
episode 15 with ross patrick

With constant technological developments and changing customer expectations, many companies struggle to stay relevant. Today, I talked with DDW’s executive creative director, Ross Patrick, about brand building in the ever-changing digital world.

What is a Brand?

Ross [6:15]: We’ve seen this whole 360-degree marketing come around now where it is your name, your brand, your logo, your website, your Instagram and all your touch points, but if they are not connected by a really strong, strategic DNA, then none of it matters. We are getting further along now in this digital world where brand is becoming the envelop or umbrella over everything. What you say, what you do, and even the look and feel of how you put out a message, those are all your brand.

What was the old agency model and what’s changed?

Ross [10:23]: Millennials, who are a different animal than the past generation, are perfectly comfortable being freelancers. I don’t have to be committed to having a 200 or 400 person office. We flex and we move and about half of that population is freelance and they come and they go, and that way I can pick and choose the right tool for the right job.

The agency world as it was built, is sort of like that big huge mega mansion with 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and parking for 10 cars. It’s not necessary anymore. I’d rather live in Airbnbs all around the world than commit myself to that giant mega mansion. That’s the new world we live in. I can click the button right now on Amazon and I can have something delivered to my house tonight or tomorrow.

We’ve just got to change our thinking. I have to admit I thought there was some division between a branding agency and an ad agency and a digital agency. And now that I’ve worked at all those places, it’s taken some time for me and my team here to homogenize that and understand that we’re all of that. It’s just ideas manifesting themselves into different ways.

Why hire DDW: Brand Story + Brand Design?

Ross [16:25]: Let’s say you’re a start-up brand or a legacy brand but you don’t feel like you’re relevant anymore. That’s the phone call that we get a lot. It’s not that they don’t have a good quality product or service offering. It’s just that they’ve lost their flow.

I think the When Would You Want to Know could be happening to a lot of people who might have a small business or a medium business and realize that their story is faded. Their brand is faded, their logo is outdated and nobody really gives a crap about them. People need to take a good hard look in the mirror and say, “is my brand relevant?”

We [DDW] love the long-term relationship where we can be embedded and collaborative. Even if you have an in-house designer or an in-house marketing team, we love to have that relationship where we work with you over all of your touch points. The money that you invest is relative to who you are but it’s also relative to your survival. 

Staying Relevant with the Whole Package

Ross [17:15]: The truth is, people will care but you have got to give them reasons to believe, and that’s not just a logo and that’s not just a cool looking van or a catchy commercial on the radio or TV. You’ve got to have the whole package and you’ve got to live and breathe it. When Would You Want to Know how to perform in this new 21st century digital economy that we’re living in right now?

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