EP.14: The Power of the Pivot: Living the Life You Want

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
episode 14 with guest nicole tsong

It took a traumatic event for Nicole Tsong to realize she wasn’t fulfilled in her corporate career. Ultimately leading her to search for what she truly wanted out of life and business. Since leaving the ladder of journalism to create her own business, Maple Path, the power of the pivot has become a life practice. And today, she joins when would you want to know to discuss how you can make your life what you truly want it to be.

Set Intentional and Specific Goals

Nicole [7:50]: “Goals are orders to the universe. If you’re going to the new Shake Shack, you’re specific. I want bacon, I don’t want cheese, I want a lettuce wrap. And that’s what you’re going to get. The specificity actually pulls in what it is you’re looking for and you don’t even know.”

Determine What You Want. Not What Others Want

Nicole [8:36 | 10:01]: “I draw a circle and put everything inside I want and everything I don’t want outside. You can do it for your life. You can also do it specific. I’m really clear that it’s what I want. It’s not what my mom wants or what my dad wants or what my friends want or what the culture wants from me. It’s really clear that Nicole is the one guiding those choices. And my circle, I often do it and I put it aside. Then I find it a couple months later, whatever I’ve put in there has happened, because that’s the magic of it.”

Go All-In

Nicole [11:03]: “I update my goals every three to six months. Every time, it just kept pointing me down that way, ‘it’s time for you to start this as a business, it’s time for you to go all-in,’ which by the way, is terrifying because I had to let go of yoga as my main income. Let go of the idea of yoga, taking all of my energy and time and put it fully into this business where I had no idea where it would go. I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. I just started listening to podcasts and I found my business coach, and I’ve been really challenging myself to the next step. This is the time.” 

Take a Pause and Feel Your Way Through Problems

Nicole [17:32]: “For me, that practice of yoga gave me that connection to, what do I really want? What’s my connection to my body? How do I understand my intuition and my gut and follow that? Versus thinking my way through problems. Because a lot of times, when I think my way through my problems, I get totally overwhelmed. It’s too many things. My list is too long. I have too many things to resolve. But if I actually take a pause and I listen for what my gut is telling me, then the answers are always super clear.”

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Nicole [20:12]: “It starts with you, it has to start with you taking care of yourself. I think women have a real tendency to try to over-give to others. Keep doing those things that are going to give you that energy and that source for yourself, so that you can fully be out there in the way you want to be for others. Put your oxygen mask on first.”

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments, However Small

Nicole [22:48]: If you’re on your own and it’s your first business and you don’t have a team, you’ve got to be the one who’s inspiring yourself every day. I have to tell myself all the time, ‘good job. You did it, Nicole. Good job.’ You have to be really good at acknowledging yourself for everything that’s challenging and everything you overcome and doing that on a regular basis.

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