EP.10: 3 Steps to Making Good Decisions

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant
Episode ten making good decisions

When it comes to decision making, people don’t understand the power of their subconscious, their beliefs. According to cognitive neuroscientists, most of our decisions and actions depends on the 95% of brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness.

Decision making plays a major role in our lives. All the results you get stem from the decisions you make and virtually every decision you make stems from a belief you have. When would you want to know how to make better decisions that produce the best results? I’ve outlined 3 steps to improve your decision making process.

Step 1: Reprogram your beliefs

When we go to make decisions the first thing that happens is called confirmation bias, which is the tendency to interpret the situation in support of our existing beliefs. But what if what you believe to be true is false? Start by defining the outcome you want and the beliefs you have about this topic. If you’ve already seen yourselves in a certain way, nothing you do will change. No result will manifest itself until you first reprogram your beliefs.

Step 2: Define your why

The second step is to understand why you really want an outcome. Create a plan. If you know why you’re making this decision and you can clearly describe it, write it, and visualize it, you will find power to take the actions.

Step 3: Know that you are deserving

Know that you deserve to have the results that you want. Many people don’t believe they deserve positive outcomes and success but it’s our own self talk that keeps us from achieving any goal. Know you’re worthy, everybody’s worthy. 


In order to make better decisions, understand that our decisions come from our beliefs. Most of us believe that we’re not good enough, we’re not deserving or worthy. However, if you have a clear picture of what you want, know why you want it, and believe you deserve it, the actions are easy.