EP.24: Who You Truly Are

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant

The basis of our emotions are nothing more than vibrating particles of energy. In fact, the Latin derivative for the word emotion, “emovere”, literally means “to move”. When we feel an emotional vibration, the brain’s function is to assign meaning or create stories around this movement of energy. Your ability to understand the associated narrative and effectively move that emotional energy is vital to your happiness. This is particularly true when you understand that emotional information is recorded first into memory and secondly into thoughts.

On today’s episode of When Would You Want to Know, I’ve invited Lily Finch with AlchemEnergy to help us understand, feel and release challenging emotions. When would you want to know who you truly are?

In moments of emotional pain, Lily has outlined step by step, how to transform challenging emotions.

Step 1– Quick release method: Completely own the emotion, quickly releasing it and in the process of this, neutralize

[Finch 13:35] “We’ve been taught that we need to think positive, we need to choose to think positive and loving but when it comes to energy, you cannot deny, suppress or repress or destroy. You have to first acknowledge. The first step that I use for people is, is to completely own the emotion that they’re having right now. Then use alchemy energy, a quick release technique based on Chinese acupressure to release and neutralize suffering.”

Step 2– Cellular cleansing with magnets: An energy release with magnets, releasing it from the cells of the body

[Finch 17:21] “Even if you transform suffering-based thoughts and fear-based thoughts on the emotional body, or the mental body, you still have it in the physical body, deposited in the cells.”

Step 3 –Shadow work: Understanding our inter-relationships with others through shadow work

[Finch 18:35] “What it is we hate in other people, we repeat in ourselves. They may be married to us in an unhealthy way but until we own it in a healthy way, we can’t move forward. We remain in a very hypocritical state where we can even discern whether somebody is doing it from the motive of love or the motive of fear.”

Step 4– Reprogramming neurotransmitters: Reprograming memories

[Finch 20:45] “They’ve healed from a trauma when they can say, “I am so grateful that happened to me, I would not be who I am without it.” In order for you to be truly free, you have to be able to say, “that was the best thing that ever happened to me because I would never have broken, I would never have cracked open and I would never have received this light had that not happened.””

Step 5– Discerning the truth: How to quickly distinguish truth for yourself

[Finch 22:04] “We’re at a time, in the history of the world, that we better know how to discern truth for ourselves and so the first thing that I have always told students is to disbelieve me, that they need to know for sure, for themselves. They have all the power to discount me or anybody else if it’s not true for them.”

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If you find that you’re suffering and the trauma is too deep, Lily is available to assist you in walking through these steps. Visit alchemenergy.com or contact her through Facebook.