PART 1: Defining Fear

Posted by: Pierre Gallant

When would you want to know that there is no benefit to fear?

Thousands of years ago the homo sapiens and the Neanderthals and all the homo erectus species of evolution were pure mammals, animals. At some point, humans got infused with something called spirituality; there’s a soul, a consciousness of the benefit of virtue. Whereas animals don’t have that, they are going to prominently look to procreate and they’re going to live with their own version of fight, flight or freeze. So, in any given moment, we as people have the complete choice of being our animal self or being our higher of all, spiritual self.

Fear is the animal instinct

Fear is the animal instinct. Fear leads to frustration, anger and as Yoda said in Star Wars to the dark side. There are two core fears in every human. The first is that we’re not good enough. The second is that we won’t be loved when people find out we’re not good enough, will be excommunicated from the tribe. Everyone wants to belong, to connect, to feel like they’re lovable and good but deep down each of us has this [debilitating] fear. 

Faith is the antidote to fear

When we go the opposite way and we find our spirituality, we find the divinity within us. When you walk in 100%  faith that we are all energy and our energy is going to continue on, you don’t fear death. When you have faith that you’re being looked after and get comfortable with the notion that nothing can really hurt you, there is little fear. It takes practice and an extraordinary level of confidence. 

Psalm 23:4

Finding the divinity within us

Myself, at my core, is divinity. We all have it within us. It’s kindness, it’s compassion, it’s connectedness, it’s forgiveness, it’s all the good virtues that are all there within us. Ego is the enemy. Whenever we get greedy, whenever we think we need more, whenever we do anything that’s a vice, it’s because our ego wants to believe that it needs to be better than its baseline divinity. And out of that we end up running into all kinds of problems in our life.

Letting go

The pain one has to go through to let all that stuff go and get back to baseline humility, living without ego is extraordinarily excruciating. It is the most painful thing I personally have ever experienced in my life and yet it was through that trial by fire, my own living hell, that I ended up having a dialogue with the divine part of myself and understand why I am here.

Fear is the single biggest emotion that holds us back from living virtuously and therefore, one of the hardest emotions to control. In this 3-part series, I’ll take you through defining, managing and ultimately overcoming fear. Listen to part 1 above or on iTunes.