EP.25: How To Access Your Full Potential

When Would You Want to Know
Posted by: Pierre Gallant

What is your ideal physique, career, relationships – if you could dream up your perfect life, what would it look like? We all have hidden skills and capacities that can be cultivated through practice but with societal pressures and constructs, it’s hard to look past our personal hates and focus on our personal loves.

On today’s episode of When Would You Want To Know, I invite Titus Kahoutek, coach and co-founder of Anxiety Experts and Heroics Training Systems, to enlighten us on activating and empowering human potential through reintegrating the bodymind. When would you want to know how to access your full potential?

An Integrated Whole.

[Titus 0:44] Everybody has a disintegrated view of their body. Biceps, triceps, quads, lungs, nervous system, spirit; but when thought as an integrated whole, the bodymind does beautiful work.


[Titus 2:40]  I think mobility is kind of one of the fountains of youth. I mean, that is the holy grail is to maintain your mobility through your life. Mobility is full strength through the entire range of motion.

[Titus 5:00] Since people don’t think about breathing on a regular basis, mostly people have dysfunctional breathing patterns.

“Whereas if we focus on how most people breathe, it’s an inverse breathing pattern, meaning they’re breathing with their neck and shoulders more than they are with their abdomen and ribcage. And so with that inverse breathing pattern, we start to see negative impact tension patterns throughout the body.”

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[Titus 33:30] The words you think matter, you know, and really how people build a relationship with how they see themselves will be the biggest either deterrent or accelerant of their life.

To work with Titus directly visit HeroicTrainingSystems.com or anxietyexperts.com.