About pierre
  • Entrepreneur. Advisor. Consultant. Pierre Gallant is an expansive thinker. Grounded in the pursuit of greater truth and human connection, Pierre unapologetically explores the unconsidered, looking for insights into why we’re here and how we can be more joyful. He doesn’t just believe that better questions create possibility – he knows this in practice. As an entrepreneur, Pierre has started
  • several business in industries ranging from agriculture to biotech by challenging the status quo and thinking beyond what was. Now, Pierre is pouring his passion into ‘WWYWTK’ in the hopes it will be a connective and expansive force in the lives of many. Join him as he helps us ask better questions in the quest to live more informed, fulfilled lives.
  • His Resume
    • 3 decades of experience in the financial industry
    • Founded and co-founded 18 companies
    • Over $3 billion in total merger and acquisitions
From Pierre

What are we here for? To connect and seek more.

Thanks for joining me on the journey to find greater truths and freedom, one question at a time. I look forward to uncovering greater joy together by daring to question what we’ve been told – or sold. We’ve got nothing to lose, but ourselves. Here’s to living into the questions with an outward mindset, always.

  • Pierre and I have been partners and friends for over 5 years, Pierre is one of very few people that I admire, trust his judgement, and clarity of his counsel. He has the ability to see through tangled webs and identify the best or most efficient approach to a set goal.
    - Vali Nasr, CEO of ClaraPHI Advisory Network, LLC
  • For the last 14 years I have had the privilege of working with Pierre, more importantly however over that same timeframe I have been able to call him a friend. He has been present in some of my bigger professional and personal decisions. Pierre has a knack of cutting through the bullshit and crystalizing the most important aspects within a conversation. Although he talks tough he is a giving and warm hearted person that will do whatever necessary to help those he holds in high regard. He is a talented Business Leader and Entrepreneur.
    - Toby Fouch,
  • Pierre is one of the most ethical and honest business advisory experts I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He truly cares for his Clients and is motivated by providing massive value to help his customers achieve their goals. I would highly recommend him to any business executive who is looking for creative and effective ways to organize, grow or scale their business. Pierre is in a class of his own and operates at a level that few others can touch!
    - David Tang, President and Founder of WideNet Consulting Group